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Castlegar Realty Good News.... Finally a web site that's easy for YOU to use! 

When you Click the FSBO link below this you go to For Sale by Owner listings.  When you click to view your listing you go directly to your 'exclusive Castlegar BC' Webpage Open House URL.  You can use this URL in your ads to get 'direct calls' for your Castlegar BC listings!

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Castlegar BC FSBO Real Estate

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, 75% to 80% of homes in Canada were sold through brokers. Conversely, it would appear that "For Sale by Owner or FSBO" accounts for some 20% or 25% of the remainder. That adds up to millions saved in commissions.

To be a successful FSBO winner you need to thoroughly educate yourself first.

Here are tips about eliminating the middle man:

  • Prepare your house for sale. Making it look good is one of the keys to getting what it's worth - or more.

  • In British Columbia you need to hire a good Notary Public or a lawyer. There are lots of requirements about what you have to tell would-be buyers and there are other legal pitfalls you need to be aware of, not to mention the intricacies of offers and contracts you may need to draw up to make it all legal. So while you're saving money on commission, your best bet is to have a Notary Public or a lawyer draw up everything, to ensure there are no hassles down the road.

  • Have a professional home inspection report available. Show prospective purchasers that every effort has been made to disclose the condition of the home. A professional home inspection included with a listing can equal a faster sale.

  • It pays to advertise. Make sure others know your property is on the market. Place a �For Sale by Owner` yard sign. Print single-page flyers (brochures) about your home and have them put up in a box beside your �For Sale by Owner` sign. You may also try distributing them. Invest in at least one newspaper classified ad. It could be used to supplement your online home listing, e.g. Details at � Listing Id ***. - anything that will draw attention.

  • Be available. It's your house and your time, but if you're not willing to show it when a would-be customer wants to see it, you could lose out.

  • Assess the value. Try and find out what the homes in your neighborhood are selling for. That way, you'll have an approximate guideline about how much to ask. And be honest with yourself. Asking for too much won't attract any offers.

  • Be prepared to compromise. Buyers normally will not give you your asking price as an opening offer. Don't let a good offer go because it's not exactly what you expected - negotiate.

  • Emphasize the positive. Are you close to shopping, transit, major roads, schools or other amenities? There's a reason location, location, location has always been the real estate agent's prime mantra.

  • Have a yard sale before you put the property up to get rid of excess clutter - and make a few bucks.

If you try FSBO and aren't happy with the process we suggest you contact one of the realtors advertising on this web site. They are the best in your area. Click here to View For Sale By Agent Listings

All agents listing with us are professionals and understand that you are interested but only looking at this time so feel free to ask anyone of them if they know of other properties in your price range that you can view.  Enjoy and come back often.

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